Food & Drink

Legends:(V) = Vegetarian(GF) = Gluten Free (GF option) = Gluten Free with changes to existing.

If you or one of your party has any food allergy or intolerance, please ensure that the server taking your food order is aware, so you can be best informed of suitable food choices.
We take food allergies very seriously, but we do prepare various types of foods in the same area, so although we do our best to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination of allergens, there is always a risk of such occurring.


Juicy prawns and chorizo pan-fried in garlic butter, served with bread £5.95 (GF option)

Chefs homemade soup of the day £4.50 (V) (GF option)

Garlic mushrooms in cream £5.45 (V) (GF option)

Whitebait in a crispy crumb with a lemon wedge and homemade tartare sauce £5.25

Chilli Nacho’s – chilli minced beef OR vegetable chilli (V) on cheese flavoured tortilla chips, topped with  cheese and accompanied by guacamole and sour cream. £6.25

Cheese Nacho’s without the chilli – Tortilla chips topped with lots of cheddar cheese  £4.50 (V)

Goats cheese, grilled and drizzled with honey, on salad with roasted red peppers and walnuts £5.95 (V)


all served with salad garnish and tortilla chips

Sausages and onion £5.95

BLT – the classic, bacon, lettuce and tomato with mayonnaise £5.95 (GF option)

Grilled chicken £6.95 (GF option) (DF option)

Cheese and onion £5.95 (V) (VE option) (GF option) (DF option)

Home baked ham and tomato £6.45 (GF option) (DF option)

Tuna and mayonnaise £5.95 (GF option)

Prawns, smoked salmon, seafood sticks with Marie­Rose sauce £6.95 (GF option)


Bowl of chips
£2.75 (V) (GF) (VE)

Cheesy chips
£3.75 (V) (GF)

Garlic bread
£2.75 (V)

Cheesy garlic bread
£3.75 (V)

Onion rings
£2.95 (V)

Homemade coleslaw
£1.95 (V) (GF)

Side salad
£2.95 (V) (GF) (VE)

Plain Ciabbata roll and butter
£1.50 (V)

New potatoes and butter
£2.50 (V) (GF)

Portion of fresh vegetables
£2.25 (V) (GF)

Corn on the cob with butter
£2.50 (V) (GF)

Main Courses

Beer-battered cod and chips, mushy peas and tartare sauce Half fillet £9.95 Full fillet £12.95 (GF option)

Home baked ham, with two soft-fried eggs, garden peas and chips £9.95 (GF)

Meaty butchers sausages with mashed potatoes, fresh vegetables and gravy £9.95

Beef Bolognaise and pasta with cheese and garlic bread  £8.95  (GF option)

Pasta with cheese sauce and garlic bread  £7.95  (GF option)

Vegetarian sausages, mashed potatoes and fresh vegetables, with vegetarian gravy £9.95 (V)

Hunters chicken, chips, onion rings and homemade coleslaw £11.95

Cajun Chicken burger – breast of chicken marinated in Cajun spices, griddled and served in a brioche bun,  with BBQ sauce and salad, coleslaw and chips    £10.95  (GF option)

Homemade 8oz beef burger in a brioche bun with homemade coleslaw and chips £9.95

Add cheese +50p Add bacon and cheese +£1.50 (GF option)

Liver, bacon and onion cooked with red wine, with seasonal vegetables and mashed potatoes £9.95  (GF)

Chef’s beef chilli with rice and garlic bread. Ask for extra chilli if you like it very hot! £9.95 (GF option)

Chef’s vegetable chilli with rice and ‘Free From’ garlic bread. £9.95 (V) (GF) (DF) (VE)

Wholetail scampi pieces in breadcrumbs, with chips and garden peas, and homemade tartare sauce £9.95

Falafel VeggieBurger, served in a brioche bun with salad, coleslaw and chips. £9.95 (V) (GF option)

Minted lamb shank, slow­cooked and falling of the bone. (Please be aware that due to the cooking process this product may appear pink in the middle, but be assured it is cooked thoroughly). Served with mint & rosemary gravy, vegetables and mashed potatoes. £13.45 (DF option)

Eggs, chips & baked beans £6.95 (GF) (V) Add sausages (pork or vegetarian) to eggs, chips and beans, £1 per sausage. (N.B. Sausages are NOT gluten free)

Salad Choices – £7.95

Grilled chicken and crispy bacon +£3

Tuna mayonnaise


Cheddar cheese (V) (GF) (VE option)

Ham and Cheddar

Smoked mackerel fillets with new potatoes +£2

Cajun spiced chicken breast & sour cream with new potatoes +£3

Seafood – prawns, smoked salmon, seafood sticks and capers +£2

All served with a large mixed salad. Potatoes served where stated.


ALL £4.95

4oz beef burger (GF option)

Breaded scampi

Fish fingers

Hot Dog

Sausages (V and VE option)

Chicken fillet burger (unseasoned)

Chicken nuggets

Fried egg (V) (GF)

Homebaked ham, fried egg (GF)

Choose chips, mashed or new potatoes, plus choice of peas, baked beans, vegetables or salad with aboveplease specify choices when ordering.

Beef Bolognese and pasta with garlic bread (GF option)

Cheesy pasta and garlic bread (V) (GF option)


Please see ‘Daily Specials’ Menu board for today’s selection of desserts, including gluten free.

Individual ice­cream tubs Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry £2.50